Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Yes, I Do!

This summer has been a busy one, relatively speaking. I have only been photographing professionally for 16 months now. Last summer I was trying to figure out the art of photography and the business of photography. I still do not have it down but thankfully I am much further along than I was last summer. Yet I still understand I have a whole lot more to go.

In the midst of establishing this new business I still get overwhelmed with the work and the learning. I feel like I am in school constantly. Daily I read blogs regarding business, marketing, & photography. Daily I run through strategies of what photos to edit and which ones to post. Daily I consider how to market/promote/share the work I do and connect with various networks.

It's kind of amazing because the only formal training I have had in the Arts is with Acting. So it really is a walk of faith to open a Photography Co. I so enjoy working as a photographer. It is another task I do along with being a minister, director, producer, writer, consultant, and counselor.

My life is definitely an eclectic one. I am so privileged and blessed.

Thanks for journeying with me.

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