Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Urban Fine Art Fave - "R.I.C.H. Behind The Mic"


The closing artist/minister for Rap Fest 2010 was Richie Righteous. His set was bananas. God is truly flowing through this brother.

I caught this photo earlier in the day while Richie was in a relaxed mode. He never even saw me photograph this.

I converted it to B&W in post to help us focus in on this contemplative moment.

Urban Fine Art

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Alphabet Game - "F"

Today's creative "F" is sponsored by Fatima's Fluffy Falaffels.

*This "F" is on the marquee of fuse TV on W. 32nd Street in NYC. It looked kinda boring so I applied multiple filters in the BestCamera app to create a comic book look. I then gave it a slight enhancement with the Plastic Bullet app.

Let The Wedding Be A Wedding

Yesterday I talked with one of the brides I photographed recently. One of the things she said encouraged me and made me feel like I am going in the right direction with my photography. She told me she appreciated how I let her and her new husband enjoy their wedding without constantly asking them to pose for photos throughout the reception. How I was always around snapping photos but in an organic way (without forced posing).

That was important for me to hear. I believe weddings are meant to be enjoyed. I want my brides and grooms to relish this amazing new day and let me capture the amazingness. I never want them to feel like they are a freak show in a circus being pulled in every direction to pose for photos every 30 seconds.

This photo journalistic style gives me the opportunity to capture their essence. The photos will show them really enjoying the wedding because they are so in the rhythm of the moment they are not "cheesing" for the camera. While a cousin or uncle is asking people to pose for his/her expensive camera (which they don't really know how to use), I am roaming around like a duck hunter looking for precious untainted moments. This is how I roll.

Although I was not looking for photography, God placed this in my path and I am very grateful. Next weekend will be my official sixth wedding ever done as a photographer (did about half a dozen as a Videographer). I'm excited as I see I am continuing to build/grow.

*Note - I do shoot Formal poses with Family & Bridal Party after the Ceremony. I also do posed shots with anyone during the Reception as per request or if I see an amazing shot

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Alphabet Game - "D"

Today's creative "D" is sponsored by Drizzly Drops of Dew.

While walking in the Wall Street area of Manhattan I saw the TD Bank logo on the door of the bank. I quickly photographed it knowing the "T" was a little too close to the "D".

So while I was on the train I decided to use the Fisheye lens in the CameraBag to highlight the "D". And it worked.

Then I used the BestCamera app to add contrast and a border. This gave the image a richer look which I really liked.

This Alphabet Game has been pretty fun. Right now we have about 11 people playing on FB. So if you want to get down, jump on in.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Alphabet Game - "C"

*This creative "C" is sponsored by Chattanooga's Chocolate Cupcakes.

As I was walking out of the Men's bathroom at an office building I saw my "C". It was this door handle. I quickly snapped a few photos with my jPhone. I was concerned someone would push it from the other side and knock me in the head ("Grease" movie flashback with Kenicke). Three shots and I was done.

I dropped the photo in Best Camera app to add some contrast and cause more distinction between the door handle and the background. Then I dreamed it up in the Plastic Bullet app. This app is very random (literally) so I waited 'til I found this one.

As always you can join the Alphabet Game on FB and/or start your own game with your peoples.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Alphabet Game - "B"

Yesterday I happened to be down near Wall St in Downtown Manhattan working on a video job for a client. This slab of stone was on Broadway so I chose to use it.

As I went to take the photo with my jPhone I saw my reflection in the letter. So of course I incorporated that into the photo. I wanted my face to show prominently in the top portion of the "B".

Afterward I used the PhotoFX app to add contrast & sharpening so both the letter and my face can be seen a lil better.

There you have it. So join us on Facebook or start your own game with friends.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Alphabet Game (backstory)

So Thanksgiving of 2009 I had this funny idea while walking home. I saw this letter "A" with the tooth character on top of it. I took this photo and sent it via text to my friend who was visiting family in San Francisco. My only message to her was "I got 'A' now you have to find "B".

For the next 75 minutes we went back and forth until we reached "Z". I was running around my apartment looking for letters to photograph. The pics we both took were creative and hilarious. From two legs in the air for "V", to the "H" in an uncle's Heineken bottle, to the "R" in the Raid roach spray. It was classic. 'Til this day we still joke about it.

So yesterday I repackaged the concept on Facebook with some friends. I posted this photo and told them to find the most creative "A" and post it on FB. About half a dozen of them responded. It was hilarious.

Sounds like fun? Why don't you try it?

Urban Fine Art Fave - "Outreach"


Nina Leal from Manhattan Grace Tabernacle asked me to come out to the MGT Summer Concert Series on August 22nd and photograph the event. Nicky Cruz was the guest speaker.

My paths crossed with Nicky Cruz in 1997. I had the opportunity to act in the play "Run, Baby, Run" which told about Nicky's life as a gang member in the streets of New York City. The play was done at Crossroads Tabernacle in the Bronx and I played the role of Nicky Cruz. It was a life changing experience.

I call the photo below "Outreach". After sharing his testimony, Nicky invited the audience to make Jesus Christ the Lord of their life. Those you see in the foreground are the ones who responded. On September 4, 1997 I too responded to an invitation Nicky made at a church in the Bronx. And my life has been all the better for it.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Urban Fine Art Fave - "HeeSun Lee"


During this summer I had the opportunity to photograph more events than I have ever done before. Last summer I was just at the beginning of my professional photography venture so it has been quite enjoyable both photographing and editing photos thus far.

A couple of weeks ago I photographed Rap Fest 2010. Of all the RapFest photos I have had the pleasure to make into urban fine art pieces so far, this photo below of HeeSun Lee is my favorite. I see Strength, Grace, Focus, and Tenderness.

Urban Fine Art

Thursday, August 19, 2010

RapFest Treats #2


RapFest 2010 in the Bronx on August 14th was amazing. I could sit it and write all about it but I would rather show you.

Check out some of the pics.

Bert Bocachica
is focused as host of RapFest 2010

DeVorah and HeeSun Lee repping for the ladies

Prodigal Son

DJ NuMann looking extra fresh

of Peoplez Choice


Real Ministry [Rap Fest Video]


While photographing a gathering of ministers/artists at the Rap Fest Fellowship, I videorecorded this prayer by Bert Bocachica. Listen to the heart of real ministry and what the Bible calls "good ground".

The Prayer

Prayer (Rap Fest Fellowship) from Joseph D. Martinez on Vimeo.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Doubledge @ Nite B4 RapFest


While photographing the Nite B4 RapFest concert, I also recorded this short clip of video of Doubledge's performance. Notice how the kids in the front are enjoying themselves.

Doubledge @ Nite B4 RapFest from Joseph D. Martinez on Vimeo.

RapFest 2010 Video from my jPhone


While I was running around photographing RapFest 2010 in the Bronx, I took out my jPhone and recorded these two short video clips of artists performing.

Check them out and enjoy.

Richie Righteous


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

RapFest Treats


In 2001 and 2002 I had the privilege to videotape the RapFest concert. This year I decided to tell the story via photos.

So stay tuned as I post now and in the near future what I am calling "RapFest Treats". Check below and see some portraits from this Gospel Hip Hop Concert in the Boogie-Down Bronx called RapFest.

DJ NuMann on the Set

Bert Bocachica prays for RapFest 2010

HeeSun Lee ripping the mic

Shirt worn by a RapFest Volunteer

DJ Wade-O on the 1s and 2s

"What Would Jesus Do" Grillz? Wooooow!

Richie Righteous was the closing artist and truly represented God.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Humphreys Bunch (Family Portrait)


I met Jose and Mayra three years ago at an ACTS Urban Youth Leader Training Program presented by the Latino Leadership Circle. Immediately I connected with their realness and their genuine love for people.

Over the past few years I had the privilege to watch them start a new church plant in Harlem. Along with pastoring a new congregation, Jose and Mayra are parents to their son Javier.

This past weekend I had a great time photographing portraits for this family in Central Park. Below is my favorite photo from the session.

Family Portrait

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Urban Fine Art Fave - "Rooftop Leaning"


This was one of the first photos taken during our photo shoot on a rooftop in the Bronx last month. It did not take long for Melissa to settle down with the camera. Her beauty comes across so clearly.

I look forward to sharing more photos of her from this shoot.

Urban Fine Art

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Urban Fine Art Fave - "Around The Way Girl"


Melissa and I had a conversation a couple of months ago where we set up this shoot on a rooftop in the Bronx. I had always wanted to do a shoot like this and it worked out perfectly.

This is the beginning of a new personal project. And this photo is the exact image I had in my mind to take when I envisioned this shoot. I have loads more but I will share them in time.

Urban Fine Art