Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Alphabet Game - "C"

*This creative "C" is sponsored by Chattanooga's Chocolate Cupcakes.

As I was walking out of the Men's bathroom at an office building I saw my "C". It was this door handle. I quickly snapped a few photos with my jPhone. I was concerned someone would push it from the other side and knock me in the head ("Grease" movie flashback with Kenicke). Three shots and I was done.

I dropped the photo in Best Camera app to add some contrast and cause more distinction between the door handle and the background. Then I dreamed it up in the Plastic Bullet app. This app is very random (literally) so I waited 'til I found this one.

As always you can join the Alphabet Game on FB and/or start your own game with your peoples.


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