Monday, December 17, 2012

Portrait: J.D.

Instead of unpacking my suitcase and folding my laundry I decided to post-process another portrait of mine from my photo shoot with Wilnelia Velez.

The original photo I began with was photographed with a white backdrop in my Studio.  I already had it listed as the fifth image in my "Project J" breakdown (FYI - the sixth image was previously completed and will likely surface next week).

After I did some retouching I still felt like something was missing.  The image needed some graffiti kind of flavoring.  I then pulled the image into Nik Software and came out with two images: one was a black & white grainy poster image you might see on a wall in the Village, the other was this uber yellow punchy in your face imagery.

When I returned to Lightroom I took the second image and decided to play with some filters.  That was when I started to get closer to a color palette that to me matched the image.

I added some adobo and within time this portrait came out the oven.

Please direct your compliments to the chef.