Friday, April 30, 2010

Pimp Your Portrait Contest Selections


After much deliberation and editing, I have completed the two portraits for this crazy idea I had to "Pimp Your Portrait". I am not sure if this will be a monthly contest or just a whenever I have time contest, but it was actually fun and creative to work with other people's portraits.

Yakimiyah B. from the Bronx, NY submitted this photo.

My thought process was how could I glamorize it and make it glow a little more. First the contrast and texture of the portrait had to be thickened. Next I made sure his clothing had a more distinctive look. I then enhanced the glow of the entire piece while taking a little focus off of the edges to draw more attention to the main subject. In the end, I added a small frame just as an accent. The result was my pimped interpretation of the portrait.

Joshua Itiola from the Bronx, NY submitted this photo.

Since Yahimiyah's photo was more glamour, I chose this one to give it more of a street kind of flavor. At least that was my initial thought. After thickening the texture of the portrait with contrast and grain, I decided to go with a sepia cross processed look. I was hoping to add some green coloring traces to the photo but it just did not look right. Once I found the right brown/yellow mix, I added in some lines to add depth to the portrait. This is my pimped out remix of the portrait.

So those are the photos for the "Pimp Your Portrait Contest" of April 2010. Thanks to all those who submitted portraits. Stay tuned because I may or may not post up some of those selections which did not get pimped. LOL.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pimp Your Portrait Contest


If you have been following me on this blog, on Twitter, or on FB, you know I share an Urban Fine Art piece every Tuesday from a photo I have taken. Well today I had this crazy idea where I want to “Pimp Your Portrait”. For the next 24 hours, I am accepting submissions of portraits you have taken and I will select two of them to pimp in a fun/artistic way. I will post both of the selected photos on this blog and on FB by noontime on the subsequent Friday.

So here is the submission process. Email one portrait. Yes, email ONE portrait to Submissions start at 5pm EST this Wednesday and end on 5pm EST this Thursday.

The portrait must have a person or persons included in it. This photo remix is not for landscapes, birds, dogs, flower shots, etc. This is strictly portraiture of people. No nudity.

Sole discretion for selection of portraits belongs to Joseph Dominick. In light of the number of submissions, some great photos may not be selected. Don't take it personal.

All people are encouraged to submit, regardless of your level of photographic skill. Please send your image in the highest quality jpg.

Upon completion of the portrait pimping, it will be emailed to the original photographer.

With email submission, please include your full name and what city/state or city,/country you are from.

Thanks. And let the contest begin.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Urban Fine Art Fave - "Top Model"


Top Model
- Lee-Ann and I had a great headshot photo session this month in the Bronx, NY. Needless to say she had plenty of outfits so we took photos both in the studio and outdoors. With Cari in tow as an assistant, the photographing was a great and fun time.

For this portrait I decided to contrast Lee-Ann's beautiful face with a dirtier urban/grunge texture.

Urban Fine Art Fave

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Urban Fine Art Fave - "Miss Maya"


Miss Maya - I had the great joy to photograph Maya for her modeling portfolio yesterday. We took photos both in the studio and outdoors. This portrait was just so beautiful while I was taking it, I knew I had to treat it just right.

Urban Fine Art

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Urban Fine Art Fave - "Sweet 16 Nessa"


Sweet 16 Nessa - Here is another portrait from the photo shoot with Vanessa. This is one of her faves, a definite Urban Fine Art Portrait.

Urban Fine Art

Friday, April 9, 2010

238 Beats - Sadat X Album Release Party


Last month I received the call regarding photographing the Sadat X Album Release Party in midtown Manhattan. For those of you who do not know Hip Hop, Sadat X is one of the three members of Brand Nubians (along with Grand Puba and Lord Jamar). So it definitely was a night of classic and new Hip Hop.

The energy at Taj was electric as various performers took the stage to support the new album "Wild Comboys 2".

Big shout-outs to Larry, Chris, & DJ Sureshot from 238Beats. They did the promotion for the event and hooked me up with the gig.

Enjoy some of the pics:

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vanessa and her Sweet 16


Next month I will be photographing Vanessa's Sweet 16. A couple of weeks ago she asked me if we could take a few photos for her invitations which she is now preparing. So we collaborate and talk about themes, styles, and clothing.

Vanessa is a real trooper as I had her go to locations which were not the easiest to "climb". Nevertheless, the photos came out funky which is what she wanted.

Here are a few of the selections.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Urban Fine Art Fave - "Lady Vanessa Gaga"


Lady Vanessa Gaga - Next month I will be photographing Vanessa's Sweet 16. In preparation for it, Vanessa asked if we could take some photos to be included on the invitation. She wanted to do a little something over the top a la Lady Gaga.

So we selected some Lady Gaga-esque outfits and ventured out for our photo shoot in the Bronx. We had a great time doing both indoor and outdoor photos.

I took this photo from the selection of shots and gave it that Urban Fine Art seasoning.

Urban Fine Art