Friday, April 30, 2010

Pimp Your Portrait Contest Selections


After much deliberation and editing, I have completed the two portraits for this crazy idea I had to "Pimp Your Portrait". I am not sure if this will be a monthly contest or just a whenever I have time contest, but it was actually fun and creative to work with other people's portraits.

Yakimiyah B. from the Bronx, NY submitted this photo.

My thought process was how could I glamorize it and make it glow a little more. First the contrast and texture of the portrait had to be thickened. Next I made sure his clothing had a more distinctive look. I then enhanced the glow of the entire piece while taking a little focus off of the edges to draw more attention to the main subject. In the end, I added a small frame just as an accent. The result was my pimped interpretation of the portrait.

Joshua Itiola from the Bronx, NY submitted this photo.

Since Yahimiyah's photo was more glamour, I chose this one to give it more of a street kind of flavor. At least that was my initial thought. After thickening the texture of the portrait with contrast and grain, I decided to go with a sepia cross processed look. I was hoping to add some green coloring traces to the photo but it just did not look right. Once I found the right brown/yellow mix, I added in some lines to add depth to the portrait. This is my pimped out remix of the portrait.

So those are the photos for the "Pimp Your Portrait Contest" of April 2010. Thanks to all those who submitted portraits. Stay tuned because I may or may not post up some of those selections which did not get pimped. LOL.


  1. Jay - that's great work dude!!!!! I can really appreciate it now that the original and the manipulated are next to each other - cool, very cool!!!! Nilka