Monday, February 28, 2011

Portrait: Maternity Nansa


While in Trinidad I had the lovely opportunity to do a Maternity Photo Shoot on location. Miss Nansa is 7 months pregnant and definitely has that Prego Glow.

Here she is relaxing with such grace.

Pimp Your Portrait: February 2011 Submission


It has been a while since I have done "Pimp My Portrait". Actually ten months since its original inception. So I have decided to make it a monthly occurrence starting today. During the last week of each month the "pimp"-ing will commence.

Okay so some of you may be asking what is this "Pimping your Portrait" all about?

For the next 72 hours, I am accepting submissions of portraits YOU have taken. I will select two or three of them to "pimp" or "remix" in a fun/artistic way. I will post the before and after of the selected photos on this blog and on FB by noontime on Friday. Check here for an example.

Here is the submission process. Email one portrait. Yes, email ONE portrait to Submissions start right now and end on Wednesday at 11:59pm EST.

The portrait must have a person or persons included in it. This photo remix is not for landscapes, birds, dogs, flower shots, etc. This is strictly portraiture of people. No nudity.

Sole discretion for selection of portraits belongs to Joseph Dominick. In light of the number of submissions, some great photos may not be selected. Please don't take it personal.

All people are encouraged to submit, regardless of your level of photographic skill. Please send your image in the highest quality jpg.

Upon completion of the portrait pimping, it will be emailed to the original photographer.

With email submission, please include your full name and what city/state or city,/country you are from.

Thanks. And let the contest begin.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Pimp Your Portrait Returns


Next week I will bring back "Pimp Your Portrait". If you don't know what that is, you need to ask somebody. Or you can catch the blog Monday

Once again I will be taking photos from your entries and "pimping" them out in an urban fine art style.

Have a great weekend,

-- Post From My jPhone

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Point & Shoot Thursdays


I want to show you what you can accomplish with a Point & Shoot camera. You do not need the most expensive camera to take amazing pictures. Every photo here was taken with the Canon G12, a Point & Shoot camera.

Yes, this is the last Point & Shoot of Trinidad mostly because I ran out of

En route to the beaches on the north coast there is a nice look-out point where you can also find some lovely trini treats to munch on. I prefer the coconut fudge.

Here is Macqueripe with Venezuela in the far horizon.

Here is a lovely view of Maracas.

Yes even in Tobago there is bootleg material available.

The beaches in Tobago are lovely and clean. Ahhhh!

Okay next week we will have photos from my DC trip.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Strictly Darcel Portrait


I captured so many great images of Darcel wearing her shades during this photo shoot at Las Cuevas, Trinidad. After some time, I was able to get the woman behind the shades. This smile is quintessential Darcel. She is fun, loving, and lovely.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Miss Nansa


While I was in Trinidad I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Nansa for a Maternity/Portrait Photo Session. Yeah you wouldn't know it from this portrait, but she is 7 months pregnant here.

I think she looks stunning in this portrait which was taken in Port of Spain.

Enjoy the prego glow mixed with natural Trinidadian beauty.

Urban Fine Art

Friday, February 18, 2011

Eric E - Ya Tu Sabes


I have had the great pleasure to work with many musical artists over the past year. It is a beautiful thing to collaborate with an artist to create a vision and execute that photographically.

Here is another portrait from the Eric E files.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Point & Shoot Thursdays


I want to show you what you can accomplish with a Point & Shoot camera. You do not need the most expensive camera to take amazing pictures. Every photo here was taken with the Canon G12, a Point & Shoot camera.

Okay so this is probably the last installment of Trinidad photos unless I get inspired. Whether it's Trinidad, NY, Tampa, or the Bronx, every Thursday will have Travel photos.

Yes Las Cuevas Beach on the north coast is so lovely. I wanted you to get up close to it in this photo.

Out west you can see the mainland of Venezuela deep in the horizon here. Trinidad is the closest Caribbean country to Venezuela.

Trinidad acknowledging God in front of Parliament in downtown Port of Spain

Road of Bamboos (golden filter added)

Sky in St. James, Port of Spain


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dancer/Actress - Amy Lee


I was delighted when Amy Lee asked me to photograph her new headshots. We went over in detail the kind of photographs she was looking for and how best to achieve that look with the kinds of clothes as well as the colors.

The portrait below was the last location of the shoot. Although it was 30 plus degrees outside Amy remained cool and collective, at least until I stopped photographing. Then she through her scarf over herself.

This is one of the six headshots she selected.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Intimate & Personal Portrait - Valerie


Valerie and Joey got married in September 2010 at Perona Farms in NJ. I shared on this blog photos from their wedding.

For today I decided to revisit a beautiful, intimate photo I took of Valerie which I did not share on the blog. I converted the portrait to Black & White just so the emphasis would be on her eyes. The shallow depth of field also draws us to engage Valerie's eyes.

This portrait I call "Intimate & Personal".

Monday, February 14, 2011

SPECtacular Darcel


The model in Darcel lit up when she put on the shades. The timidness went away and the glamour girl showed up on the scene. It definitely helped at this point we were right by the water. I used the cave as her background with all its beautiful shadings.

Seeing the blue sky and the beach in her shades is a lovely thing. With her hair blowing about in the wind I just really like the mood of this portrait.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Musical Artist - Eric E


Wow, I have known Eric E for a good amount of years now. I would have to say about ten years. In all that time Eric has been diligent and faithful with doing his music, both Hip Hop and Reggaeton music, in English and in Spanish.

It was great to hear E call me up to work with him on some new photos for 2011. We had a great time shooting indoors in Manhattan.

We went through various outfits and styles. I chose to share this photo first because it has that rugged hip-hop look. Who says Gospel Hip-Hop ain't hard core?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Point & Shoot Thursdays


I want to show you what you can accomplish with a Point & Shoot camera. You do not need the most expensive camera to take amazing pictures. Every photo here was taken with the Canon G12, a Point & Shoot camera.

I like this Point & Shoot Thursday blog concept. This is especially helpful when it comes to travel. Walking around with a point and shoot camera is so much easier, and safer.

So I was intentional about sharing a variety of images from Trinidad. This first image is of a house way up on the north coast of Trinidad. On this section of the road there were maybe four homes and this was one of them.

Driving off road (or on beach) is essential when you need to get to certain places. Notice dude is driving while talking on cell phone.

This pit stop in the mountains en route to Maracas Bay provides a gorgeous landscape of the north coast.

Back in the west you can find quaint scenery right through the doorway.

And of course a peaceful resting place is always important. (A special filter was placed on this photo)

Yes I will be providing more Trinidad photos next Thursday. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Latina Vega - Got Skills?


Latina has not seen this photo yet but when she does it will be the new profile pic for her website. This is truly her. Camera in hand. Alive. Energetic. And ready to roll.

Congrats Latina. You got another winner here girl.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Urban Fine Art Fave - "Darcel Dreaming"


Darcel is a beautiful Trinidadian woman. So the original version of this portrait is gorgeous. It definitely has that caribbean flavoring to it with the greenery and the beach lighting. But of course since this is Tuesday, I had to make an urban fine art version.

I rarely start with a goal in mind. Truly I start from scratch when I make an urban fine art portrait. A desire I had was to layer and texture the portrait so that it had thickness to it. I wanted Darcel's hair to be very defined and her eyes to pop out.

After achieving that through many layers, I found this lovely copper tone which dramatically enhanced both Darcel and the background. The cave behind her suddenly had depth and a little punch which had not been there in the original version.

After a little tweaking, out came this lovely portrait which I call, "Darcel Dreaming"

Monday, February 7, 2011

The New Logo!


After much consideration of numerous variables, including the response on this blog & FB, the new logo for Joseph Dominick Photography is:

Friday, February 4, 2011

Caribbean Beauty - Darcel


So I had my first photo shoot in Trinidad and it was on the beach. Yes!

Of course I had the lovely Darcel before my camera. She is really cool people so it was a joy to hang with her.

We took photographs at Las Cuevas which is on the north coast of Trinidad. It just so happens to be my favorite beach in Trinidad so I had locations in mind of where I wanted to photograph.

Since this was the first time I had my main camera and my lenses in Trinidad, I made use of them. Enjoy a few of the fun images we created.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Point & Shoot Thursdays


I want to show you what you can accomplish with a Point & Shoot camera. You do not need the most expensive camera to take amazing pictures. Every photo here was taken with the Canon G12, a Point & Shoot camera.

Okay so I am in Trinidad for work and vacation. I intentionally purchased a point and shoot camera so I can take pictures of Trinidad while walking and driving around. Let me show you a little of the beauty of Trinidad.

These are homes in the capital city, Port of Spain.

If you want really good roti, you have to go to Hott Shoppe. Their rotis are unbelievably delicious.

On the north coast there are numerous beaches. My favorite is Las Cuevas.

This granddad got out his wheelchair to take a dip in the water.

Yeah the north coast skies are ridiculously beautiful.

Okay so those are my photos for today. Stay tuned for next Thursday's point & shoot sharing.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Magazine Publications


Last week it was very cool to have two different magazines publish photos of mine. The first is an international magazine, UWI STAN. They published photos I took of the University of West Indies Dance ensemble preparing for the 2010 World Dance Alliance in New York City. Unfortunately the current issue is not online.

The second magazine is Hoodgrown Magazine which published photos I took of Allure during our photo shoot in Harlem a couple of months ago.

So now I am a published photographer. :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Urban Fine Art Fave - "Bronx Girl Portrait"


Latina is a Bronx girl through and through. You hear it in her Florida swag. You see it when she walks in the streets of New York. Like many other places, the Bronx has this way of tugging at your heart even when you are not there.

So it was with great joy I took Latina around some industrial areas of the Bronx to get some real urban portraits. When I saw this one in my camera I knew it would be on this blog.

So enjoy the Bronx Girl Portrait of Miss Latina Vega.

Urban Fine Art