Thursday, February 10, 2011

Point & Shoot Thursdays


I want to show you what you can accomplish with a Point & Shoot camera. You do not need the most expensive camera to take amazing pictures. Every photo here was taken with the Canon G12, a Point & Shoot camera.

I like this Point & Shoot Thursday blog concept. This is especially helpful when it comes to travel. Walking around with a point and shoot camera is so much easier, and safer.

So I was intentional about sharing a variety of images from Trinidad. This first image is of a house way up on the north coast of Trinidad. On this section of the road there were maybe four homes and this was one of them.

Driving off road (or on beach) is essential when you need to get to certain places. Notice dude is driving while talking on cell phone.

This pit stop in the mountains en route to Maracas Bay provides a gorgeous landscape of the north coast.

Back in the west you can find quaint scenery right through the doorway.

And of course a peaceful resting place is always important. (A special filter was placed on this photo)

Yes I will be providing more Trinidad photos next Thursday. Stay tuned.

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