Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Urban Fine Art Fave - "Darcel Dreaming"


Darcel is a beautiful Trinidadian woman. So the original version of this portrait is gorgeous. It definitely has that caribbean flavoring to it with the greenery and the beach lighting. But of course since this is Tuesday, I had to make an urban fine art version.

I rarely start with a goal in mind. Truly I start from scratch when I make an urban fine art portrait. A desire I had was to layer and texture the portrait so that it had thickness to it. I wanted Darcel's hair to be very defined and her eyes to pop out.

After achieving that through many layers, I found this lovely copper tone which dramatically enhanced both Darcel and the background. The cave behind her suddenly had depth and a little punch which had not been there in the original version.

After a little tweaking, out came this lovely portrait which I call, "Darcel Dreaming"

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