Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Alphabet Game (backstory)

So Thanksgiving of 2009 I had this funny idea while walking home. I saw this letter "A" with the tooth character on top of it. I took this photo and sent it via text to my friend who was visiting family in San Francisco. My only message to her was "I got 'A' now you have to find "B".

For the next 75 minutes we went back and forth until we reached "Z". I was running around my apartment looking for letters to photograph. The pics we both took were creative and hilarious. From two legs in the air for "V", to the "H" in an uncle's Heineken bottle, to the "R" in the Raid roach spray. It was classic. 'Til this day we still joke about it.

So yesterday I repackaged the concept on Facebook with some friends. I posted this photo and told them to find the most creative "A" and post it on FB. About half a dozen of them responded. It was hilarious.

Sounds like fun? Why don't you try it?

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