Sunday, September 26, 2010

God Belongs in The Bronx

This weekend I participated in a Prayer Walk as part of the event "God Belongs In The Bronx". It was my first Prayer Walk.

The group I was with walked from the West Farms Square area to Crotona Park (about 30 blocks) praying for the people of the Bronx.

We also prayed for the safety and development of the children.

We prayed for the growth of businesses and employment.

We prayed for God's power to be made manifest in the Bronx to combat poverty and homelessness.

We prayed God's anointing would deliver people from drug, alcohol, and gambling addictions.

In the afternoon there was a rally to celebrate the great things God is and will be doing in the Bronx.

HeeSun Lee, Gauge, J-Skywalker, and various artists blessed the mic.

There were even some guest speakers (including yours truly).

All in all, it was a beautiful and amazing day of ministry.

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