Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wedding Fave - "Tennia & Mario"


I met Tennia a few years back at Harvest Fields Community Church in the Bronx, NY. She was involved with singing on the worship team and with the R&B/Funk group NuSoul Generation & Da Funk Factory.

While hanging out with some of my friends from Harvest, I had the opportunity to attend a hangout at Tennia's place. To this day I still joke with her about the ingenious door handle she had in one of her rooms.

Mario and Tennia were dating when I visited this hangout so I had the chance to hang with Mario. He is a funny/mellow dude.

Some time earlier this year I had a conversation with Tennia where she asked if I would be her wedding photographer. I was honored.

Since I knew some of the guests at the wedding I had even more access to intimate/candid photos of the night. The wedding was slamming. We definitely partied it up at The Social at Dunwoodie.

[Editor's note: I love photographing and dancing during the reception so it is always more enjoyable when I am doing this with people I already know.]

Congratulations to the fun and very loving newlyweds, Tennia and Mario.

*This wedding portrait which was taken out on the golf course.

Wedding Portrait Fave

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