Friday, October 26, 2012

Joseph Dominick - The Photographer

I find it interesting and funny that people are asking me about when they will be able to see the photos from my photo shoot.  A few days ago I shared one photo and that image has gotten more "Likes" than any other photo I have ever posted. Go figure...lolol.

Last night I was sharing with a friend about this.  All my life I have felt like I have been under the radar, overlooked, and not noticed.  I can be in a room and feel invisible because I have done that most of my life.  This photo shoot...this visual journey I know has greater implications for me than just having "new pictures".  There is a shift happening internally for me.  It has been going on for some years now but these images are a catalyst for further shifting.  The image I have of myself is being informed by all these pictures I have been rummaging through during the selection process this past week.  As I walk in the street or stand in an elevator, the images flash in my mind helping me see the Joseph others see from the outside.

I say images because not one image fully captures all of the dimensions of me.  This is why I designed the shoot to capture that variety.  Presently I have a draft concept of my Top 12 images. What will I do with them...I am not sure.  I hadn't thought this far down the process.

Two pics have been edited so far.  The second one is at the bottom of this post.  Interestingly enough I artistically edited the two just as I have for any other client.  I did the magazine retouching first. Then I started adding artistic elements towards the latter part.  In my mind I don't want to just show you a picture, I want you to experience art.

So join me on the new adventure of me sharing my artistic expression of the photographs from Wilnelia Velez of me.

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