Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wedding Portrait: Yaritza & Eric

I love photographing weddings.  Not only do I get to capture one of the most memorable moments in a person's life, I also get to dance at the reception.  LOL.

Truth be told I do love wedding receptions.  And my clients will tell you how adept I am at photographing on the dance floor while doing my own dance moves.  :)

The cool thing about Yaritza and Eric's wedding was I had the opportunity to talk with them and photograph them in my studio before the wedding.  This allowed us to build a strong repoire with each other.  So during the wedding they knew I would take care of them and provide them with excellent and amazing photos.

Which leads me to today's photo post.  After the ceremony we went to Glenn Island to take formal photos of the couple and the bridal party.  One of my favorite photos was taken in the gazebo.  Yaritza and Eric are killing it in this photo.  It makes perfect sense why they selected this photo to be a 16"x20" Gallery Wrapped Canvas for their living room.

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