Thursday, September 6, 2012

Headshot: Zion

As I have shared here previously, I have taught a few photography courses of the past year and a half.  So it was a pleasure when one of my former students asked me to photograph her son's headshot

I love working with artists, whether it be for album covers or headshots.  My first intro to the arts was an actor during my teen years so headshots are very familiar to me.  It also helped that I knew the family and had seen Zion in numerous photos already (on FB and Instagram).

As always I start off by establishing relationship with the people I am working with.  Zion is the same age as my nephew so I immediately took an interest into Zion's love of music and acting.  He is also the oldest of his siblings as I am too.  I reminded him that we were in Central Park to have fun during our 45 minute shoot.  He took direction very well.  And his smile is amazing.

Check it for yourself.

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