Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Peru - Day 1


So I participated in a missions trip with Adventures In Missions last week. We spent all day Sunday through Friday in Lima, Peru. Getting there was quite an adventure as we spent 12 hours at the airport before we actually left NYC. The story is long so I will just circumnavigate it so you know Spirit Airlines really sucks. [We eventually flew LAN]

Anyway, I brought my Canon G12 so I would be able to take photos and video.

During Day 1 we arrived at our hostel at 7:30am. We had just enough time to check into our rooms and have breakfast. Please note we had running water, a shower stall, and a toilet in our room. However the toilet had no toilet seat. We made do. I'm just sayin'.

After breakfast we visited the local church we would be working with. They greeted us with so much love.

Then we went into the neighborhood and the market and handed out flyers for the event that was taking place in the evening.

Afterward we visited two daughter churches of the main church we had visited earlier.

At nighttime we went back to the main church and some people from our group shared a portion of their testimony of what God had/has done in their lives.

You can view Day 1 photos here.

- J

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