Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Org Factor


This week I had the privilege to visit a seminary in New York City in conjunction with one of the organizations I am involved with. It was a great privilege to sit in one of the Doctoral classes and be allowed to participate. As a result of the class participation, I returned home continuing the class conversation as related to other contexts.

I wrote various notes and one of them I will share here to get clarity from the community:

"The fabric of organizational structures is fear, the fear of chaos and disorder. The fabric of an organism is fluidity, cohesiveness, and mobility. The church is not an organization, it is an organism. Stop the culture of fear." #theorgfactor

Help me out there. I am looking for feedback or pushback. What do you think?


  1. I believe the church "should be" an organism as opposed to an organization however it is not always so. I feel, depending on how you were raised and what denomination of faith you follow, "fear," is used to inhibit you. It is used to tell you what not to do. I was raised Catholic (no offense to any catholics out there) but everything would be about damnation. If you had sex before marriage, you were going to hell. If you disobeyed your parents, oh boy.. you are on the A train to damnation. I don't remember conversations of how we are imperfect human beings, that we are bound to make mistakes, and that God will love us no matter what. That his mercy and love will wipe the slate clean should we come to him and ask for forgiveness. How many people are devoted to there church, go three to four times a week, but fall short in the area of faith, compassion, and basic humanity. You can go as many times as you want but it does not mean you are a person of "faith." I believe, "Faith," is the organism of fluidity and mobility.