Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"MTA: Characters Welcome" - Tales From The Hood (JDP)

Welcome to another Tales From The Hood. Today we will meet a man I will call Vox.

This man was having a conversation with himself on the subway here in NYC.

Interestingly enough that wasn't the strangest part. Tucked underneath his left arm was an antique piece of audio equipment. Before iPods, before Walkmans, before boomboxes, dudes carried around their battery powered Vox cassette players. This one reminded me of the kind my granfather used to play old Spanish sermons back in the day.

The music coming out of the recorder was an old school country song with a singer that sounded like the Rappin Duke from "Duh-ha Duh-ha".

This is one of the many characters you will find on the subway trains in the Tales From The Hood.

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