Thursday, February 25, 2010

"The First Crack Epidemic" - Tales From The Hood (JDP)

Welcome to another Tales From The Hood.

Feast your eyes on "The First Crack Epidemic". Unsuspecting children were mesmerized by this machine of madness. The quarter dispenser was the exact height for a child's eyes. Below this colorful heaven was a spiral staircase where anticipation and excitement were stoked like a fireplace until the crack reached the dispenser.

Even today, adults have issues walking by this machine without going through withdrawal symptoms. Shakes suddenly occur without warning.

This is made worst for parents whose children have become addicted. After they have paid the cashier for their items, parents must walk down that long Temptaion Aisle before they reach salvation outdoors. Children wave their hands asking for 25 cents. The first word children learn after "mommy" and "daddy" is "quarter".

As this is happening, the whole supermarket moves in slow motion. Asthma pumps are utilized. Getaway cars are previously reved up.

Please be careful if you ever come across this tool of terror.

Thank you once again for attending another Tales From The Hood.

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