Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Revealing Me: "Intimate Reflections"


For most of my life my private persona and my public persona did not match.  Growing up as a shy kid I never dreamed of sharing exactly who I am with the world outside of the comfort of my family and close friends.  As an adult I learned to push through these boundaries and take the leap to BE me in all spheres.

The caterpillar steps have been worth it.  In the past couple of years my writing voice has gotten much stronger and bolder.  The recent inclusion of photography as a communication skill has forced me to address new topics and discover new things about life and myself.

Intimacy.  It is a powerful word.  In 2012 I will be intentional about exploring this topic visually.  Of course it starts first with me.

Taking pictures of myself is not something I normally do.  However it is forcing me to look at me and see my self image.  I listen to the negative thoughts that run through my mind.  Some are mine.  Some belong to others.  And yet I continue to journal with my camera as I maneuver through this journey of healing and wholeness.

I guess I will call this:  "Revealing Me"


  1. Great words! Something I believe a lot of us can relate to. Thank you for helping those step outside of their boxes.