Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Portrait: Miss Kels


Last month I began working on my photo retouching skills. I know before any portrait is placed in a magazine or on a billboard it is retouched professionally. I figured while I am continuing to work on my skills behind the camera it would be a good look to enhance my skills behind the computer in post-production.

Over a year ago a friend of mine, Eddie, gave me some dvds of retouching training. I finally decided to watch them over these past four The dvds were amazing and definitely added multiple levels of retouching epicness to my skill set. Before watching them I had some basic retouching skills which I learned from reading blogs.

Around the same time I started watching the retouching videos, I had the great pleasure of photographing Miss Kels at JDP Studios. Wow, we really took some amazing indoor and outdoor portraits. Of course I decided I would use her photos as my homework for the retouching training.

Here is the first portrait.

I love the sharpness of her eyes, her hair, and her skin.

Big kudos to my boy Eddie for the retouching videos and much love to Miss Kels.  You will be seeing more photos of her soon. 


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