Monday, December 5, 2011

Impressions: New Series


Recently I had a friend from out of town comment about how much she loved one of the photos I posted on Facebook.  She actually wanted to buy a print for her home.  The image she loved was taken with my jPhone (iPhone 4) so the reproduction of that image would not have been suitable for a print on a living room wall.

I emailed her the small jpg from my phone as a gift.  The next morning she emailed me back asking if I would be interested in photographing 4 to 5 original art pieces to go with her living room decor. She then went on to describe her apartment.

Commissioned abstract prints? I was down so I said Yes.

After getting a feel for the concept, I visited four different locations throughout the week to photograph. Needless to say it was a joy using my creativity to photograph abstract images which would fit the decor of her living room.

There were so many photos that were amazing. It was tough to edit the list down to a Top 28. Very early this morning I sent her the Proofs of the Top 28 images.

In light of all this creativity I decided to blog about one of the images which did not make the cut.

For whatever reason I really like this image.  Maybe it is the stones or just the coolness of the swirly lines.

This is the first in a new series I am calling "Impressions".


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