Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Family Portrait: Throwback


My dad often volunteered with the Catholic Youth Organization.  One day they decided to write an article about him so they hired a professional photographer by the name of Ed Lattau (now deceased) who spent 90 minutes with my dad, mom and me.  He took pictures of us in Spanish Harlem where my parents were raised.

That's me enjoying the view

Here I am working on my handle

Here I am working on my hopscotch skills

Moving on to baseball

On to 2nd Ave

Two things are interesting in these photos (besides the clothing...lol).
1) I would not be able to see my childhood had photos not been taken. With technology that is a no-brainer for the generations growing up today.
2) Snapshots are cute with an iPhone or Blackberry but a professional photographer does some amazing, out-of-this-world imagery.  Being one myself, I can testify.

I encourage you to give your family the experience of a professional photographer spending time with you and not just go for the cheesy (yes cheesy) standard sitting in front of a cloth backdrop photo. 

Should you need assistance, please contact me and we can design a fun concept for your photo shoot.


  1. I love those pictures! You were a cute boy!


  2. Great memories,I love those pictures! Thanks sharing..