Monday, November 28, 2011

New Series: "The Bronx: Painted in Black and White"


I decided to do a Photo Walk in the Fordham area of the Bronx this past Saturday.  It is a high traffic area especially on the weekend and I thought I might catch some interesting photographs.  My basic guideline was to photograph whatever struck me as desiring of a photograph.  I also decided I would shoot everything in Black and White.

From the bus ride at Castle Hill I began photographing with my Canon 5D MkII fitted with a 35mm f2 lens.  Although I took street shots through the bus glass I wasn't too fond of how they looked. 

Twenty-five minutes later I arrived in Fordham by the Concourse.  I began my walk westward and snapped away.

When I reached Aqueduct Walk I decided to make a turn.  I had never seen this block before and so I continued on the adventure.

After the Aqueduct I began making my way back eastward.  The people I saw were rather interesting.

Feel free to check out the entire gallery and purchase any images.

The Bronx: Painted in Black and White

I will add more images to this series throughout the rest of this year and in 2012.  :)

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