Friday, April 29, 2011

Pimp My Portrait: April 2011 Selections


This month we did not receive many entries. And the entries that were in focus were pretty decent pictures already. So I really looked for some inspiration this morning.

Garfield from Bronx, NY submitted this photo

What could I do with this pretty family photo? First of all I always do my basic adding of contrast, saturation, and clarity. Then I went in to fix slight blemishes and smooth out their skin a little.

I tried this image as a Black and White but it didn't work. So instead I added some texture and then sanded it down with a silverish/purple filter. In this way I remove the background as a distraction and put more of the focus on the faces. Then I decided to add a border to finalize this image which I am truly digging.

Sheena Lee from New York

This portrait is already beautiful. It was done by a professional photographer. Sheena looks gorgeous as usual so I thought I would go in a very abstract/comic style direction.

In the original image Sheena's skin was very smooth which I think is great. I decided to bring back detail in the image by playing with the tonal qualities. The color version looked amazing. But since I wanted to stay away from the glamorous look of the original I proceeded to add a comic book style to the image.

I went into my chemical digital lab and took the image through a cyanotype process. That is when this new image started to come alive. Here is my comic book version of Miss Sheena Lee.

These are the photos for the April 2011 "Pimp My Portrait".

Stay tuned for the next round of submissions at the end of May. Thanks for enjoying the blog.

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