Monday, April 25, 2011


Two years ago today I photographed my first professional photo shoot. It took place in Central Park and included 7 models.

I have learned so much in this photographic journey thus far. The weddings, Sweet 16s, portraits, models, and people have helped me grow as an artist and a human being.

Who would have thought I would teach an "Intro To Photography" course, much less teach it three times?

This whole journey has been a Faith walk. God took me down this path which has been and still is scary from time to time. Most of the fear comes from my desire of not failing or at least not looking like a fool. I work hard and push myself even harder. I am truly thankful to be down this road and have real friends who help balance my perspective about myself and my work.

So today I celebrate two years of doing photography professionally, which is something I never went to school for nor had any desire to do. How amazing it has been to walk in obedience to God's leading. It produces joy and experiences I never knew I would have enjoyed. Thank you Lord


  1. Your photography is a record of your living, for anyone who really sees. -- Paul Strand