Friday, January 28, 2011

Point & Shoot: Trinidad


Instead of walking the beaches and streets of Trinidad with a camera and lens valued at $4000, I thought it was important to acquire my first Point & Shoot camera. Yes my iPhone is lovely but I needed a robust P&S that also shot HD Video.

So I purchased the Canon G12.

This camera is a beast. It has all the DSLR handling a pro is used to all stuffed neatly into a $400 treasure.

The structure is tight and sturdy. The swivel screen is beautiful. And the 10 megapixel images are sweet. This all fits in your back pocket, with a bulge of course. It is not razor thin like most P&S cameras.

As a companion to the G12, I purchased the Jolby Gorillapod ($65) to help stabilize my photography and video work.

Just yesterday I placed the camera with the Gorillapod on the dashboard to record video while I was driving. The legs on the Gorillapod are bendable providing various means of stabilization.

So for the next few weeks I will be posting photos on the JDP blog on Thursdays as part of the "Point & Shoot: Trinidad" segment.

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