Thursday, January 27, 2011

Amy Lee: On 2 [Digital Short Film]


I am very excited this experimental digital short film is completed. This is my first Short using the 5D Mark II and the 50mm f1.8. I was totally inspired by Mike Kobal to go in this direction by adding a video component at the end of a portrait photo shoot. Of course I had to add some urban/adobo flavoring to the concept.

So when Amy Lee asked me to photograph her headshots I knew she would be the person I would do this JDP Cinema project with for the first time. For me the whole concept started with the song. Once I found this "Red Dress" song by Nine Leaves, it was a wrap. I pitched the concept to Amy and she seemed okay with it. Once I played the song, she immediately became hyped for the shoot.

Having a background in acting, film, & video really helped me. I literally had to prepare for a photo shoot and prepare for a film shoot. Considering I already directed, produced and edited two Short films of my own, that made the process much easier.

Amy loves dance and she is a dance instructor. So I knew she would give me the moves I would need to put the pieces of the film together.

So without further ado, please enjoy "Amy Lee: On 2".

Let me know what you think considering I am now fusing photography and video under the Joseph Dominick Photography banner.

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