Thursday, December 9, 2010

Photography Class #3 of 4 - The Camera (Revisited)


In Class #3 we revisited what took place two weeks ago in Class #2.

At the beginning I shared some portraits I had shot over the weekend. One of my students informed me it helped when I shared some of my work and explained why I did what I did to acquire the shot. Critical analysis will help develop their vision.

Afterward we walked through ISO, Shutter Speed, and Exposure. It was great to hear some of the stories of students experimenting over the Thanksgiving break. What was even cooler is that we did some experimenting of our own in class with the Shutter Speed. We dragged the shutter (making it slower) and played with the blurring of light in a cool way.

I also brought my cameras to class so the students took photos with some more advanced (and heavier) equipment. This sea of experimentation helped them actualize physically what they have been learning intellectually.

The photos which were taken with my cameras were so cool I decided to start off today's class (our last one in the four part workshop) with their photos. Let's see how they respond.

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