Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Urban Fine Art - "Poetik Soul"


This weekend I was very excited to work with Poetik Soul. Tennia and Sarah are beautiful people in soul, spirit and body. It was a great pleasure to collaborate with them on this album cover photo shoot for their debut album.

Earlier this summer I had the pleasure to photograph Tennia's wedding. It is also convenient I have been cool with both of these women for some time now. This chemistry made the photo shoot fun and smooth in my Bronx studio as well as in the Bronx exteriors where we shot.

I would love to show you numerous photos from the shoot but in the meantime I will give you a small appetizer sneak peek of Poetik Soul. :)

Big shout-out to Andrea Karen (Makeup Artist) for doing her thang.

Urban Fine Art


  1. WOW look at Sarah, I remember when she was a lil girl! Beautiful image!