Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Photography Class #2 of 4 - The Camera


So Class #2 was chock full of information. I could not help but have to make this mostly a lecture class.

Fortunately I started the class off with a sneak peek into a photo shoot I had done over the weekend with the female group Poetik Soul. I went through each of the proofs I selected and explained what was going on during the shoot and conceptually why I took the shots I did. The students seemed to really enjoy the behind the scenes action.

Then we got into information overload time. Half of my class use a Point and Shoot camera and the other half use a DSLR (interchangeable lenses) so this made it interesting. The topics of White Balance and Histograms had some people pulling out their manuals (which is a great thing to read). That's when I knew the class would take some

We also went over ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture. Needless to say class was extended by about forty minutes. I OD'd by putting too much information in one class. Next time I will save the Shutter Speed and Aperture for a subsequent class.

With the Thanksgiving break landing on a Thursday I knew my students would have two weeks to practice the new things they had learned so I tried to stuff them like a turkey. Next week at the beginning of Class #3 we will do a little review and some in class exercises. It should be a fun one.

I do love teaching. It is truly a great feeling to help people in their learning curve.

Two classes completed. Two more to go.

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