Thursday, October 28, 2010

Moving Forward

Sometimes I just feel BACKWARDS. I just came out of a very inspiring keynote address at a photography expo in NYC and I feel VALIDATED. Not validated as a photographer, but validated as a person.

The way my brain thinks may seem crazy to others. Creatively I am engaged as a photographer, writer, director, producer, actor, mentor, minister, teacher, consultant, entrepreneur, social architect, and a leadership developer. I don't FIT in anywhere. At times I have felt so ISOLATED. But today I don't. My multiple disciplinary lifestyle has had me feeling all over the place most of my life. Today I have clarity and peace.

There have been so many times I have been consumed with this OVERWHELMED feeling. I was juggling all these disciplines and was FAILING at keeping all the balls in the air. Today I realize I am really shifting BETWEEN disciplines.

When I think of church culture and church leadership it is through a creative lens. Now I understand why I flow the way I do in liberating and invigorating the culture. When I share photos from my jPhone it is because I love making people laugh and smile. I want my image to provide healing for wherever they are at that moment in their day. When I produce and direct a theatrical/video piece, its purpose is to encourage/edify/empower/entertain/educate others. When I mentor/teach, I want to see others grow and blossom with a support system I never experienced. When I photograph w/ my Canons I want to highlight the beauty of people in their natural element. I love the candid/photojournalistic photos of unposed people living and being Real. And I usually do this within an urban landscape.

With my lenses I can capture the "extra" dynamic for those who only see themselves as "ordinary" because I believe every single person is extraordinary in some form or fashion. I want people to believe they are not "less than" but "more than enough, and then some".

This is me y'all. I think on many levels through multiple disciplines while sharing on various platforms.



  1. Dope JD. And I love and appreciate who you are!


  2. You are unique a very rare quality to come by. You ARE a leader by nature and you are simply the bomb. oxox I stand with you on being unique, holla!

  3. Holla Chrissy.

    Thank you and love you for your words.