Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mainstream Gen Y isn't Buying Into Web 2.0

It seems "Mainstream Gen Y isn't Buying Into Web 2.0":

"According to Comscore, the majority of Twitter users worldwide are 35 or older. Young adults 18-24 only make up 10.6% of the Twitter population in the US and are less likely than the average user to tweet. 45-54 year olds are actually 36 percent more likely than average to visit Twitter.

The traditional social media early adopters are 18 -24 and Twitter is the new social media darling. Why isn't Gen Y biting?"

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- Joseph Dominick

1 comment:

  1. Gen Y uses Facebook so they don't need Twitter. They just update their status all the time. In fact nobody NEEDS Twitter. I predict it will prove to be a fad. They got a huge bump from Oprah, millions of people signed up, Tweeted five times and never came back. Twitter should have taken the buy out offer from Google.