Tuesday, May 26, 2009

City of Truth - "Poverty" with Melissa Cruz

Two weeks ago "City of Truth" had a great class where we discussed "What is Poverty?" I had the privilege to teach the class to some wonderful young adults. We were challenged visually, orally, and emotionally to really consider what is poverty globally, nationally, and locally. How should we respond? And how does this connect to our faith?

I asked one of the participants to share her experience via poetry. Below is our special guest blogger, Melissa Milagros Cruz:

In the center of Poverty I sat and I stared
At the Hunger and pain that goes on out there
The tears fill my eyes as I looked to my left
And seen a baby feeding on his mothers breast
A malnourished human feeding on another who's the same
In a world with a great God, who gets the blame?
The strongest men couldn't stand the sight of their pain
The pictures have embedded themselves in my brain.
Immediately I remembered all the food I put to waste
Never Have I stopped to put myself in their place.
What If I didn't have enough food to eat?
Or enough water to keep hydrated?
Or a decent place to sleep?
What if I didn't have the chance to bathe everyday?
Or make the money that I basically throw away..
With each picture I saw, My heart ripped to shreds,
Each person not knowing the next time they'll be fed.
My mind wandered to the Lord and I asked him why?
Whats his purpose for creating a beautiful birth
in a world where he is destined to die?
No chance of survival in a world with less...
What a Beautiful, Horrible Life they were blessed..
Horrible in sight, materials and health..
Beautiful cause these people actually have wealth...
Not wealth with money or food or favors
But the wealth of knowledge of The Lord Our savior.
Though its hard to paint a pretty picture out of that place
But what they lack in food.. they make up for with FAITH

Melissa Milagros Cruz

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