Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Designer Genes

I love to design concepts and ideas. It's the creativity in me.

So I am presently designing two programs. One is an Acting program (12 week course for adults and an 8 week course for teens). Class will be once a week. My goal is to design this like a college course, including reading assignments and course work. I believe this will be highly beneficial for the students. I am really excited to be working on this

The organization who invited me to teach this acting class is a church in the Bronx, NY, called Harvest Fields Community Church. They are big supporters of the arts and have music and theatrical presentations throughout the year. This Acting Institute will be open to the local church, churches in the area, as well as to the local community. It should be interesting to see the first class which is slated for April.

The second program I am developing is a Leadership Development Initiative for those aged 17 - 24. This is that critical age where they go from teenagehood to adulthood. And who is walking with them along the way to help them to see the world they are being thrust into. The purpose of the curriculum being designed is to develop/encourage/empower young emerging leaders so that they may become global leaders and world changers. This is a 12 class course as well.

I have spent the last three months doing research and partial design on the Leadership Academy. Next month I will switch and focus on the Acting Institute which I have basically sketched out.

What I always find interesting is when I have to leave the Design stage and move in to the Implementation stage. Wow, anxiety kicks in a little. This has been my experience over the past 5 years with various projects/programs I have designed. The anxiety kicks in like, "O wow, you are actually going to do this." In time, the anxiety subsides and I flow in to work mode.

I look forward to teaching this year. It is a gifting God has graced me with. It truly is a privilege to work with people and help prepare and develop them. I find the labor very satisfying.


  1. How awesome to hear that teaching has touched you the way it has me. I can hear it in your words. Many people don't realize it is a calling that gives back to you as much as you give to it.

    You're a terrific writer too, I must say.

  2. Thanks Prof. Kurpis for your kind words.

    Your teaching style helped me a great deal when I left the MCNY Graduate School Program and taught at the Undergraduate Level. Thanks for being an example.