Thursday, October 1, 2009

Picture This

A couple of years ago I realized I had very few photos of myself. Mostly that was because I was either holding the camera or the people who took photos of me took blurry or not pleasing photos. So I challenged myself to ask people to take pics hoping with more pics the odds would be higher for me to get a decent photo of myself. But that actually didn't work either.

So I resorted to doing self-portraits. Inspired by the phenomenon of my MySpace friends at the time, I photographed myself. I actually got some great portraits. One of my favorite self-portraits I even designed into a business card. Who would have thought?

It would have been so much easier if I knew someone who took good photos. So the moral of the story is find a good photographer who knows how to make you look good. And if that doesn't work, photograph yourself. Just please, no more bathroom mirror self-portraits. There are too many of them out there online. :0)

-- Post From My jPhone

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  1. I agree about the bathroom pics...very funny as welll.