Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bronx Photo Exhibit & Joseph Dominick Photography

So your boy got a few of his photos into a Bronx photo exhibit which will be taking place tomorrow, June 18th.

Check out the Artist Statement below and get information about the event here .

- J

About the “Shooting the Bronx” photo exhibit

For Bronx Week, Puerto Rico Sun Communications, which publishes the Bronx Latino lifestyle blog at, joined forces with the NetWorks Organization to curate a Bronx-themed photo exhibit, showcasing the work of photographers with Bronx ties.

Participating photographers are:

David Greene

Elena "Mamarazzi" Marrero

Ken Carozza

Mario Burger

Joseph Dominick

Eileen McNamee

Jonathan C. Perea

Clarisel Gonzalez (curator)

Participating photographers are members of the Bronx Latino photo group, the Bronx photo group or the NYC Collective of the Puerto Rican Photographic Society.

Most of the participating photographers regularly document the Bronx, capturing the diversity of our borough from our people to our places to our events. The Bronx plays a role in their art of photography. The Bronx is a subject, setting, backdrop, or even an inspiration.

Puerto Rico Sun Communications is a community-minded independent multimedia social entrepreneurship aimed at informing, empowering and building community. Bronx Latino is a project of Puerto Rico Sun Communications.

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editor and publisher
Puerto Rico Sun Communications
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