Thursday, April 9, 2009

School faces lawsuit for dismissing student who refused to condone homosexuality

Would someone please tell me what a "remediation" program is?

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Charlie Butts and Marty Cooper - OneNewsNow - 4/9/2009

"Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) senior counsel Jeremy Tedesco explains that Julea Ward encountered resistance from Eastern Michigan University when she refused to affirm a counseling client's homosexual behavior.

"What we have here is a Christian who is a student in a master's counseling degree program who was dismissed, kicked out of the school, simply because she was unwilling to violate her own religious beliefs in not advocating for homosexual behavior within the context of the counseling relationship," he points out.

When Ward's supervising professor suggested she refer the client to another counselor who did not take issue with homosexual behavior, she followed the advice. However, the school said she could stay in the counseling program if she would undergo a "remediation" program to reconstruct her belief system and help her "see the error of her ways." Ward refused."

I found a longer article in The Catholic News. Read it here.

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