Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Class Act

I got the word yesterday the Acting class I will be teaching is officially going to take place at Harvest Studios (via G-City Films). They will be getting back to me regarding the exact starting date.

This is very good news. Now I can begin my research. I always enjoy reading a great deal on a topic before I teach it. I want to refresh my mind, consider some new things for class instruction, as well as organize some good reading assignments for the students.

I haven't taught a series of acting classes in about two and a half years. Mostly I have been brought in as a consultant to do a workshop or to give notes during tech/dress rehearsals of plays. I am looking forward to teaching an 8 class course to Teenagers and a 12 class course to Adults.

As far as the Leadership class I will be teaching for the Young Adults (City of Truth), we still have one more meeting left with the administration. We need to clear up some issues regarding dates and location.

I have spent the last few months doing research on Leadership and Mentorship. It will be nice to begin working on the lesson plans for this when I return from vacation.

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